Patrol Division

The Patrol Division provides law enforcement services to the citizens and visitors to Caribou County.  Their duties include serving civil papers, traffic enforcement, investigating crimes, investigating traffic crashes, VIN inspections and any other calls for service that comes their way.  The Sheriff's Office primarily provides law enforcement service to the unincorporated  areas of Caribou County, but also provides services to Bancroft, Grace and Soda Springs.

The Patrol Division consists of the Chief Deputy, a Lieutenant and a Sergeant and five patrol deputies.  These highly professional and well trained deputies provide law enforcement to nearly 7200 residents and over 1700 square miles, to include 55 square miles of water ways.  They patrol Caribou County in four wheel drive vehicles, ATV's, snow machines, motor cycles and water craft. 

We work closely with the Soda Springs Police Department and often consolidate our activities to provide a safe living and working environment to the residents of Soda Springs and Caribou County.

The Caribou County Sheriff's Office also works closely with the US Forest Service Law Enforcement, BLM Law Enforcement Officers and Tribal Law Enforcement Officers to provide a safe environment to everyone who uses our vast recreational opportunities.